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AT SLAYER a posted Wed at 22:47
Testing text first then images to be grabbed for previews.

Images are hidden by default, spaces / line breaks removed.
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Great Victory!

NumberXVIII a posted Jan 12, 14
Thankyou to those who came and joined us for Saturday Night Sourceforts! The event was a massive success, and due to what seems to be a still growing level of interest, I might try to plan for it to be played more regularly. Here's some highlights from Tetran's livestream:

And the final game of 5v5, which was won by the tiniest of score margins.

AT SLAYER a Great Article!
This Saturday, NumberXVII will be hosting a Sourceforts Saturday Night Special!

Quote from the forum thread:

"We begin play at 7:30pm on Saturday the 11th of January.

This is a fantastic CTF-FPS game I've been wishing still had a community of late. If you've ever thought to yourself 'this base sucks, I bet I could make better', This is the game for you.

At it's core a totally standard CTF game built in the Source engine (requires HL2:DM or SDK 2006 to run), but you start on a practically empty map with a load of building blocks and 5 minutes to build an awesome/functional/useless base."

Check out the first post of the Thread for more details and how to set up Sourceforts in preparation for this Saturday Night's Special!

SNSO Update

Nick a posted Nov 10, 13

After talking with the artists, I have decided to bring the Sunday Night Sketch Off forward an hour to 7pm. This is mainly to deal with the fact that I tend to get too tired on the evenings and don't have enough energy (sorry about that). 

Also, I will be trying out some other changes to the rules as follows:

 - Artists will get 30 seconds "Prep time" before hand to find a reference image. No drawing will be allowed during this period.

 - There will be no restriction on the colours used in the images (non default colours will be allowed).

 - The drawing subjects will be decided before hand by me.

May the Art be with you.

The Sunday Night Sketch Off

Nick a posted Oct 27, 13
It's FINALLY here! The artistic challenge that you've all been waiting for, the Blacksun UK Sunday Night Sketch Off!

Test your creativity in this 5 Minute Drawing Challenge where you will compete with your fellow Blacksun members in the scariest arena of all, ART.

Weather you want to flex your creative muscles, or just have a laugh with other Blacksun members, come along next Sunday at 8pm to take part in the hip new thing that all of the cool kids are doing!

Check out the forum post for more details on the competition, and i'll see YOU on the Canvas of War.

3 temporary staff members in for over christmas :sick: all wearing red jumpers... Had a laugh but no one knew why :(
and it seems the servers are... having issues.. there can be 5 people set up but 20 people in the lobby
I've gotten me mitts on a evolve alpha as well
Woop Evolve Alpha :sick:
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