Click here to vote for Midair on Steam Greenlight

For those that are unaware, Voidspawn has long been part of a team developing a spiritual successor to a Tribes style game. Midair has just been posted on Steam Greenlight today, and I'd wholeheartedley recommend voting in its favour.

In its hayday Tribes had a massive following which diminished with the dwindling development by Hirez, opening up opportuinities for new games to stamp their mark in the field of fast, action-packed first person shooters.

Archetype seem to have hit the ground running with this one and deserve the chance to have their game spread its wings.

The game we're currently sinking plenty of time into is Vermintide. In the eternal quest for better loot and difficulty level completion, there have been our fair share of ping spikes, lag, crashes and frustration. Despite all this, it's still highly recommended for those seeking the teamplay typically found in the Left 4 Dead series.

The planned patches will alternate between free and paid DLC; the last being a free overhaul to the loot system in which players can better control how they gear up, with even more additions to this system on the way.

It's definitely worth looking out for on sale this Christmas.

Help Us Rule The City!

Spencley a posted Apr 14, 15

Grand Theft Auto V has officially launched on PC! Come and join us for some Online mayhem, Hiesting and general fun! Get your own place maintain your collection of cars or just leave a path of destruction in your wake!

Elite Dangerous has just been updated to now allow group play. This allows a whole new way to play with up to three other friends. Sharing Bounties, Missions and providing protection from pirates. Update and join BlacksunUK as we take on the Galaxy. 

Dabbling in GW2

Psythorn a posted Feb 1, 15


A few of us have touched base with GW2 again this week. We've so far ran a few Fractals, and who knows, maybe more dungeon content to come. Consider re-downloading if you have it and see what's new, it's been a pleasant experience when compared to the initial curve of games like Archeage.

Nick a Nice one Spencley!
Spencley a Woop, might hit level cap! Going strong, Level 42 with a couple of instant level books gained
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where do i find the pw to the ts?
FYI, I no longer have internets at home :( The new connection should hopefully be installed on Friday.
Merry Christmas Nick! Have a good one!
So I guess I'll see you all next year, Merry Christmas.
Doesn't look like my brother will let me use his PC, and my Mum's laptop can barely manage the snow on this website.
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