TS Down for Upgrades

Psythorn a posted Feb 17, 15

The TS server will be down today for an unknown length of time.

This is due to Multiplay updating to the latest version of FreeBSD.

Sorry for the short notice.

Dabbling in GW2

Psythorn a posted Feb 1, 15


A few of us have touched base with GW2 again this week. We've so far ran a few Fractals, and who knows, maybe more dungeon content to come. Consider re-downloading if you have it and see what's new, it's been a pleasant experience when compared to the initial curve of games like Archeage.

Nick a Nice one Spencley!
Spencley a Woop, might hit level cap! Going strong, Level 42 with a couple of instant level books gained ...

Featured on Enjin!

Psythorn a posted Jan 16, 15

We got featured this week on the enjin forums!

What a great start to the new year and hopefully this will set a precedent for the coming months. This is somewhat of a rebirth for us and things can only get better from here on out.

Keep up the good work!

BSD - Blacksun Draws!

Nick a posted Jan 14, 15

The Sunday Night Sketch Off has been reborn as Blacksun Draws

Come along this Sunday at 7pm to take part in the prestigious art competition that won Blacksun Art Competition of the Year 2 years in a row! 

Contestants have 5 minutes per round to draw a given subject using the mightiest of drawing tools: MS PAINT

Whether you're looking for a creative challenge, or are just looking for a good laugh, come along to Blacksun Draws!

Don't believe me? Just check out what the contestants had to say:

"The amount of silly giggling that occurs on a Sunday evening is testament to how much people enjoy themselves." - Beeka


"It's okay, 9/10" - IGN

SWC This Weekend!

Psythorn a posted Jan 9, 15

The 2015 SMITE World Championship is this weekend, happening right now.

The event is off to a fantastic start and is a great chance for people to get an insight into picks, bans and counters for Conquest.

Strap yourself in, grab snacks and drinks, then head over to the streams page to watch it live on SmiteGame
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Status updated Just now
Great job with the site!
New infamy tiers coming in march 5th. XP bonus from hypetrain not being added till then so all can benefit from it.
Noticed it while editing my site, convenient timing :sick:
Thanks for keeping on top of it man.
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